Monday, April 6, 2009

It's Official: I'm Back in the City

Some of you may of noticed I've been away for awhile (um, probably no one did, but anyhoo), and it's because I've been absolutely bowled over by the moving process. I've spent the past few weeks making loads of preparations, then Shya and I loaded Violet in the car and made the arduous cross-country journey back to New York. On the way we stopped at an amazing Japanese spa in the snow-dipped mountains of Santa Fe, got re-routed due to nasty weather in Texas, climbed through the gorgeous Rockies, spent a strange night at a grungy Motel Six in Nebraska, saw lovely friends in Chicago and Indiana, finally made it to the city and found our subletter had literally trashed our apartment.


It was like Grey Gardens all up in this piece.

After an expensive, crime-scene level cleanup job, we made our way to our storage unit in Rhode Island, U-Hauled it back, and at the moment I'm writing from our wildly disorganized, box-laden (but clean!) Lower East Side digs. I'm not gonna lie. This move has been insanely stressful. But we're slowly, surely getting settled. I've certainly been more Slacker than Style when it comes to updates, but sartorial coverage should resume asap! And if anyone has any fun decorating tips, send 'em my way. Complete overhaul here.


P.S. I guess while I was gone the LES became SoHo!? I mean, there's now like, 10 five-star restaurants, an "organic" cleaner, several salons and a yoga studio on my street. Bananas!

P.P.S. If anyone wants to buy a vintage VW Cabrio convertible and/or knows of a cheap and fabulous parking garage located in the tri-state area, let me know. It sucks to have a car in Manhattan. We have to move the damn thing every five minutes. Seriously. Sucking.

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  1. I noticed!
    I'm doing the street parking shuffle too. It's a good time for it though: Parking holidays Thursday and Friday this week and next.