Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Are You Feeling the Pearl Trend?

I do love a pearl necklace (heh, heh), but the look is so J. Crew overdone now, no?

No offense, Mrs. Obama, you know I love what you do.

But what I'm really feeling are these chunky pearl drop earrings at Brian Reyes, and not just because I've been rocking a similar pair all winter. I love how these manage to look really edgy with black, but they're so fabulous and classy at the same time. I would recommend my personal ones but they're out of stock, so in the interest of being servicey and stuff, I just found this sick set at Lord & Taylor for $44.99 (down from $90.00) and they include kind of outrageous cubic zirconias which would look truly awesome with a thin, battered black leather jacket. I mean it.

1 comment:

  1. yea somehow these pearls look edgy. I think pearls and leather are a great combo and great when doing an updated classic, like a lot of Brian Reyes's pieces. i am def. going to buy some pearl earrings!