Thursday, April 16, 2009

Am I the Only Chick in NY Who's Disappointed by Topshop?

After reading many a swooning blog post about how AMAZING the new Topshop store is, I finally decided to brave the crowds and go scope it out for myself. It's not my first time at the rodeo--I've been to TS many times whilst in London--but obviously, wanted to visit on my own turf. Luckily, at 2:35 pm on a Wednesday, there was no one in line to get in, which seemed promising. The store, however, was certainly packed with teensy fashionistas and their unfortunate male friends maniacally racing to and from frock after jacket, and that made it a less than enjoyable shopping experience. That fact aside, my disdain actually stems from the fact that I truly didn't see anything that deviated far from your average H&M. The Kate Moss collection has some cute moments, but you'll have to pay: One of the strongest pieces (in my opinion) is the limited-edition sequined "Flame" dress which retails a cool $250. The famed shoe department was vast, but the majority of the hooker-ish vinyl shoes reminded me of the offerings you'd see in a typical Greenwich Village sex shop. (Here is an example.) Still, some of the Preen stuff was lovely, so perhaps I'll give it another chance in a few weeks when all the hullabaloo has died down a bit. Meh, I guess I'll be smelling you and your limey wares later Topshop.

On a related note, this new British "gastropub" just opened on my block. Because you know, the food in England rules! (so bitchy today i know)

UPDATE: 8:32 pm My "spies" (okay, editor Mary Clarke) tell me that style legend Lynn Yaeger was shopping there at the same exact time yesterday. And she did not purchase anything either. SO.

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  1. Did you try that "gastropub"? I'm hungry!!!