Friday, February 20, 2009

Do Fashion Avatars Creep You Out?

I do love me some, no question, and I think their Style File blog is the perfect blend of both commercial and indie sartorial coverage that's insidery and not too dull. BUT! I cannot get over this whole avatar thing they have littered the blog roll with. Perhaps it seemed a bit novel last season when they debuted this amazing "new" technology, but for such a chic, polished and respected site, these look so cheesy. (They remind me of this moment a couple years back when publicists were using these to sell new products--it was beyond bad. Note to editors: This whole avatar idea is NOT cutting edge, okay?) I know they have to show some kind of visual while we listen to Jefferson's phone message and stuff, but if they insist on using animation, is there a more chic way to illustrate the moment? 

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