Monday, January 12, 2009

Is Karolina Kurkova too fat to moddle?

According to Perez, Karolina was deemed too um, "wholesome" for general purveyance in the Victoria's Secret show by the Brazilian press. I have two words for the esteemed journalists involved in that most offensive judgement call:


How 'bout it? Ugh. This is exactly why teenage girls starve themselves. Pretty sick, huh? Personally, I think she looks like a freakin' goddess. Also, I wonder what the average size of the typical Vickie's customer is? I'm willing to bet it's A LOT more "wholesome" than this...


  1. THAT's "wholesome".... wow! That explains why so many girls have self esteem problems. Crazy!

    5'10 models should not be expected to be under 100 lbs and wear a size 0 - that's just not healthy!

    Shoudln't they be trying to make us feel good when we see their ads and runway shows? Not inferior.

    She's beautiful and what a model should be! Perez wishes he looked like her :)

  2. actually Perez wasn't the one who called her fat. he was reporting on the other news outlets who deemed her too fat since she walked in one of the brazilian shows. according to perez she was close to not even participating in victoria's secret fashion show because they thought she hadn't lost enough weight. pretty astonishing since even in the brazil shows she looked AMAZING. i guess gaining 5-10 pounds is enough to get you blacklisted

  3. Yeah, Perez was definitely reporting news from another source. He too seemed to be mocking the story.