Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are Pet Clothes Obscene (When the Economy Sucks)?

Speaking of the recession (and on a slightly lighter note), are objects like say, pet "accessories" and designer passport covers rendered obsolete when the economy goes south? I mean, even if you're lucky enough to have the extra cash to blow, flaunting outrageously expendable crap reeks of conspicuous consumption when so many people are out of work. 

I'm not normally one to fall for pet booties and such in the first place. Sure, I'm crazy about my dog Violet, but unless it's freezing outside and she's shivering her ass off and begging me to buy her a sweater, I'll pass. (Full disclosure: The awesome foster mom I adopted her from actually sent her to me with a blue hoodie, and yeah, it's kinda cute and Violet seems to love wearing it from time to time SO.) But when my friend recently sent me this picture, it was so knee-jerkingly odd and adorable that I admit, for just a sec, I thought to myself, "Now where can I buy one of these?"

That instinct was banished soon enough, especially when my cute friend Megan offered to knit one herself. She even handily provided this totally hilarious "How to measure your dog" guide, ha! (Thanks Megan! Still trying to find that measuring tape but then IT'S ON.)

Anyhoo, I'm trying to think of what other excessive, semi-worthless fashion items and trends will probably fall by the wayside in 2009. Wait lists for unimaginably expensive bags that will be out of style by next season? Lindsay Lohan leggings?  


  1. Please ask ur friend where to find this cute hat....thanks

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