Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The best place to stay in Tulum

The reason I haven't been posting much lately is that I've been away on possibly one of the best vacations ever in Tulum, Mexico. Sadly, Tulum is most likely on a collision course to becoming the next Cancun (spring break! whoo-hooooo!), but in the meantime, it remains one of the loveliest, most low-key Yucatan destinations. Instead of concrete McResorts, Hard Rock Cafe's and topless, drunk sorority girls, the crazy gorgeous beach is populated by small b&b's and ahem, "eco-chic" Swiss Family Robinson-style huts. Last year, Shya and I stayed at Parayso, which, while we're not exactly picky types, walked on the rather weird side of the plank. Not so much this year: We lucked out and ended up renting a private home and adjoining casita where we comfortably housed our party of nine. 

Anyhoo, besides consuming copious amounts of cerveza and avocados, breaking my foot, running into Todd Selby, laying around in hammocks, and well, drinking more cerveza, we also managed to venture out on a wicked private tour of the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, where we checked out Mayan ruins in the jungle and ended up straddling life jackets and floating down a crystal blue freshwater canal surrounded by mangroves. (Think uh, Wet n' Wild's lazy river, au natural with tropical fish and stuff.) Good times, good times. Later that evening, we drank some more beer.

If anyone is going to Tulum hit me up yo. I have lots of recommendations!

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  1. Hey Tulum is one of my favs in the Yucatan Peninsula, beautiful beaches, and a more relaxed crowd down there, I want to go to Sian K'aan I've never been there, any recommendations?