Monday, March 9, 2009

The Best Dress From the McQueen for Target Collection

You know, I was so dang excited, but now that McQ for Tarjay is here on the real tip it's kind of meh. For one the ads are everywhere, so everyone is going to be wearing a little piece of it, and on second glance the whole collection reads very, very young. (Ah, to be an early 20-something again; and yes I am aware that this blog sounds like it is written by a 12-year old.) The one redeeming factor: This silk dress is so pretty and drape-y, and now it's the only piece I want. O fickle heart! Of course, wouldn't cha know it's already sold out everywhere and people are selling it on Ebay for a kagillion dollars (originally $70). Oh well. Next. Still, slightly sad to look forward to something so much and have it disappoint. I wonder if that's what it's like quitting smoking for a year and finally sneaking a puff at a party and it tastes like shit and you're all like, huh.

I leave you then with an image that embodies my feelings of emptiness and despair:

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