Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Would you wear these pants?

I know this is kind of a few months ago, but since I'm currently on hiatus from NYC-and I can assure those of you who always suspected as much, the rest of the nation really doesn't operate on Manhattan's schedule-need to discuss anyway. I have a talent for buying el weirdo pants online, and these Comme des Garcons for H&M jammers I picked up on Ebay kind of epitomize that predilection. The fact is, I think they're kind of chic, albeit in a really gay, avant garde way. (They look great with heels! Groovy with ninja slippers!) Still, I'm also aware that people, even the not-so-entrenched in real life folks like fashion editors, think these are the stupidest trousers in the entire world. I mean, my boyfriend refers to them as the "poopy pants." Apparently, even that precocious fashion kid hates 'em. Well, okay, she bought them, but after closer inspection, returned them.

So far I've worn them once. To a run-down Best Western karaoke bar in Tucson, Arizona. So right for the moment.

Question is, since I'm headed back to the city in a couple weeks to find a new job: Are they interview appropriate?

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  1. I say yes, officed up with a tweed blazer and wingtips. Bonus room for diapers for those REALLY long meetings. They'd dress down nice with a Snuggie too. I bet you look great in them, you're the best dresser I know grrl xoxo