Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dude, admit it, you're SO wearing Uggs

Word on the street is, Uggs are, somewhat remarkably, still wildly popular. A Fashionista blogger laments, "Is this a regional thing? Because even though I still see Uggs in the city sometimes, they're usually beat-up, stained, and relegated to Whole Foods shopping in the snow."

Well my dear, I'm here to tell you: Yeah, it is a "regional thing." Because whilst marooned in Tucson (long story), I've noticed that they're freakin' everywhere. Seriously lady. 

You know why?

Because they're absolutely. Ridiculously. Comfortable. As. The. Winter. Is. Long. 

That's why.


  1. I'll miss PF, but am reallly looking forward to seeing what'cha got over here! Happy New Year!

  2. I was all over the country this holiday season - and I can attest to the universal appeal of Uggs. If I had a dollar for every pair I saw in Spokane, Phoenix, Denver and Philadelphia - well, I could afford a closet full of Uggs. Which wouldn't be such a bad thing because while not exactly fashion-forward, they are about the most comfortable footwear EVA!